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Site for Community Services Programme (SCOSP) is an 8 years old registered non-profit, Non Governmental Organization (NGO) committed to helping disadvantaged people, needy, HIV/AIDS orphans, and other less fortunate children living with albism in Uganda, and to enhance their lives through education.



A community in which the vulnerable are empowered for development


To support and coordinate efforts of the disadvantaged and marginalized groups of persons in the community to improve their lives

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Recent Projects

We have implemented a number of projects in the recent years.
New projects are being initiated every single day.

Our work

SCOSP is committed to improving lives in Uganda and Africa.
We have a comprehensive range of programs that aim at making this dream a reality.

Albino Project

Promoting the rights and welfare of People With Albinism

Education & Training

Providing free and quality education for needy children

Human rights

Promoting equal human rights and democratic governance

Water & Sanitation

Increasing access to clean and safe water

Food & Nutrition

Promoting food security and healthy feeding

HIV/AIDS Prevetion

Combating the spread of HIV/AIDS


Protecting the environment and dealing with effects of Climate Change


Promoting sustainable projects that generate better and reliable incomes

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Team work




SCOSP Grandmothers making beautiful baskets and beads

Amid no universal social security system for older persons, over one million seniors in Uganda live in abject poverty, loneliness and isolation. More than 2.2 million HIV/AIDS orphans in Uganda are under the care of poor and helpless elderly grandparents while others are homeless.

SCOSP is working to free orphans from the cycle of poverty

Hundreds of thousands of families in South-Western Uganda that have lost breadwinners to HIV/AIDS are stuck in systemic poverty cycles where children lack access to healthcare, education, food and shelter.

SCOSP members see a need to carry out visits directly to local villages, particularly when serving those groups impacted by HIV/AIDs and those taking care of orphans and vulnerable children. Transportation from rural villages to the city of Kabale is expensive and by conducting village outreaches SCOSP is able to ensure that group members that are unable to travel to Kabale are afforded the opportunity to receive care and support trainings and other mobile services. This direct relationship also gives SCOSP the opportunity to better listen to and meet the needs of these communities.

Site for Community Services Program sanitary pads project is sustainably empowering school going girls by helping them address problems they face during their menstruation. The most single important challenge facing girls in our communities' and Uganda at large is breaking the grip of poverty. The social situations characterized by the growing numbers of HIV/AIDS, orphans, unemployment, child labor and violence. Female youth and women of all ages still have very limited say over their lives and in particular their sexuality.

Through trainings, young people are taught different skills in used straw processing, tailor-ing, Knitting and fashion design, computer training, ceramics, Carpentry & Joinery, metal fabrication, plumbing, finance con-trol & management, work behavior & ethics, saloon manage-ment and hair dressing, Paper bag making, Environment man-agement, Brick-laying concrete and Practice, Leather Tanning and Hand Craft training. After their training, they are expected to be able to produce good quality products leading to increase in Gross Domestic product and profitability. Secondly they will be able to effectively work in their village settings able to creating jobs among themselves.