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Site for Community Services Programme (SCOSP) is a registered nationwide Non Governmental Organisation (NGO) number INDR13339703NB, permit number INDP000703ND and SCOSP is an incorporated Company limited by guarantee, number 80020000390597 in Uganda, mandated to empower the vulnerable people in the community to break the poverty cycle and improve the quality of their lives.

SCOSP was founded in 2010 by Mr. Sabiiti Michael and a group of other like-minded community members as a small Community Based organisation and has grown into a credible countrywide Non Governmental Organisation.

SCOSP started charity activities from Kabale District of south-western Uganda, advocating for the rights of children, promoting menstrual management, providing nutritious meals, education and health care to children with albinism and other orphans due to HIV/AIDS.

  providing scholastic materials

Distribution of scholastic materials

A Thousand Miles

SCOSP was founded as a Not-for-Profit organisation in 2010 by Mr. Sabiiti Michael with other 21 members who constituted the first Annual General Assembly that promulgated and adopted the constitution (a set of articles of association, mission, vision objectives and goal) to govern the operations of the organisation and at the same meeting, a member Board of Directors was formed. At the same meeting, it was agreed that SCOSP gets a certificate of registration to legalize the charity work. Thus SCOSP was established in Kabale South Western Uganda and acquired a certificate of registration in 2011.

From humble beginnings, SCOSP has grown into a vibrant not for profit charity organisation reaching out with support services to different categories of disadvantaged people among them, children with albinism, starting with 5 children in 2012 and over the years the number has increased to 50 children with albinism whom SCOSP currently supports.

In the same year of establishment the organisation started supporting 10 HIV/AIDS affected children with psychosocial support, education access to clean water through water harvesting and the number receiving support now has grown to 40 children and other 600 vulnerable children have been reached with various supportive community projects.

menstrual management

SCOSP has reached more than 400 teenage girls with free sanitary pads


In 2011, due to outstanding performance, SCOSP was approved to become a member of Kabale Civil society Forum (KACSOF) and in 2012 SCOSP became a member of Development Network of Indigenous Voluntary Associations (DENIVA). In partnership with the two above network organisations and other 4 member organisations, SCOSP successfully implemented and a project for promotion of human rights in Kabale District in 2012.

In 2010, SCOSP started supporting 2 grandmothers and over the years the organisation currently supports 20 grandmothers with livelihood projects. Currently SCOSP supports 16 women living with HIV/AIDS a number that has grown from 2 women at the inception of the project in 2012 with livelihood projects.

grandmothers support

Grandmothers have been empowered to generate income

SCOSP over the years has built trust in society due to social accountability, media engagement as result the rescue operations of over 40 children under attack and others in risky situations have been saved given rehabilitation, care and other scholarships to enrol in schools. SCOSP launched different advocacy platforms and continues community engagement for the protection of children with albinism and ensuring enjoyment of their rights.

Due limited resources SCOSP has been prioritizing and putting the available resources where there was the greatest need and due to that, SCOSP has made most important milestones in community development as a not for profit. Due to the invaluable work of SCOSP to better the lives of children with albinism in Uganda, through providing protection, access to health services, education and advocacy, the United Nations invited Mr. Sabiiti Michael to attend a UN organised consultative meeting for the protection of Persons With Albinism that took place in June 2016 and SCOSP made numerous contributions, and is further implementing action plans in Uganda although resources are limited.

Success Story

There are numerous achievements of children with albinism in SCOSP such as completing their education at different levels, but the greatest achievement SCOSP has made is the provision of educational scholarship to Annette Tumushime, a girl with albinism to complete her Bachelor of Public administration and management, and she is happy to work at SCOSP to support and motivate other children with albinism in SCOSP.

  inclusive education

SCOSP is promoting inclusive education


A community in which the vulnerable are empowered for development


To support and coordinate efforts of the disadvantaged groups of persons


Empowering the vulnerable groups of people in the community for development

Development Goal

To contribute to the attainment of wellness of vulnerable people...

Why Do We Exist?

We'll continue empowering until everyone is empowered!
Our program for empowerment is through:


To educate Children With Albinism, Orphans and other Vulnerable Children, and impart them with skills

Human Rights

To advocate for the rights of the disadvantaged and minority groups including Batwa and Persons With Albinism (PWA)

Sustainable livelihoods

To develop strategies to economically empower the most disadvantaged members of the community including OVCs, PWDs, widows, elderly women and youth

Food & Nutrition

To collect and disseminate technologies tailored for agricultural modernization

Water & Sanitation

To increase access to clean water and improve saniation

HIV/AIDS Prevention

To mobilize and supportcommunity activities for HIV/AIDS prevention and treatment, mitigation of socioconomic effects of HIV/AIDS within communities

Environmental Conservation

To support efforts and strategies for conservation and protection of the environment

Meet Our Team

Connect with our team of professionals who run the Albino Charity.
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Michael Sabiiti

Founder and Director
He is the Chief Executive Officer of the Organisation and he is responsible for the day-to-day administration of the organisation. Michael is passionate about making a difference in lives of children with albinism and other vulnerable people and that is where all his heart is!

Prima Busingye

Programs Officer
She deputizes the Executive Director. She also initiates and encourages members to come up with demand driven response project proposals. Prima is obsessed with defending women and children rights, and handles matters pertaining to orphans, youth and other vulnerable children, with passion!

Ezrah Byarugaba

Ezrah is the head of the finance committee. He has a wealth of experience in accounting and finance, and auditing. He supervises the financial interest of the organisation, takes initiative to raise funds for the organisation, and ensures value for money in the implementation of projects.

Timothy Asingwire

Accounts assistant
Timothy is also a computer nerd — I mean — he has designed and coded this site with it's glory! But he's our accounts assistant, and keeps all organisation’s books of accounts, and assists the internal and external audit. He also loves charity for children, and says, "no to racism."

Patricia Literu

IT Officer
Patricia keeps us all smiling and connected! She is the heart of the office, and the face of the organisation on social media. She is the one in charge of IT and Office administration; updating Social Media platforms, managing databases, and providing office support to the team.

Tushiime Annet

Annet is our Coordinator and the official representative for Persons with Albinism at the SCOSP secretariat. She is a graduate of Social Work & Social Administration and the first ever to graduate under our Education program for Children with Albinism.